One of a kind.

Art Cupboard is dedicated to providing art that is unique and trendy.

Choose your medium.

Art Cupboard offers products of diverse mediums from watercolor and acrylic to photography and woodwork.

Made by hand. Made with care.

Each art piece is an original creation of the artist.




Our Works

Art Cupboard products are made with the highest quality materials and dedicated time and effort of their artist.

Fresh style and fresh perspective.

Art Cupboard products are beautifully crafted with an taste for the new and modern flair.

Trendy appeal combines with homestyle chic décor to provide stylish wares.

I’m a lover of all arts! Everything from my scribbles as a child to woodshop in school to my photo study in Europe, has made my artistic journey one of growth and diversity. I love being able to work with my hands and share my ideas! Alina Clemens


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